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Amazing Applications Of Wooden Dowel Pins

Dowels are long rods made out of the big wooden blocks. They are mainly used in joinery for joining different wooden pieces while making furniture or attaching something. You can get these small cylindrical pins in different types like metal, plastic and hardwood dowels. Apart from joinery techniques, they serve in various forms, all you have to do is use your creativity and think about what you need.

Here are a few amazing uses of these pins:

Extended Shelf – These firm rods can help in making an extended shelf or you can also make a whole new cupboard as per your suitable designs. For this, you have to drill a few holes in the shelf or wall where you can insert these rods. Then make a stable frame to hold the rods and your new shelf or cupboard will be ready to store your extra stuff. You can visit various DIY sites in which you can get tutorial videos and different styles for making a shelf from dowels.

Tape Dispenser – Instead of buying a costly tape dispensing machine, you can make it at home by using these rods. For this, you will need a wooden, plastic or paper box whichever you can drill easily. Then you have to drill two holes on the opposite side walls of the box at the height of more than the radius of your tape roll. Then place the tape roll in the box and pass through the dowel rod from both the holes. At last, you have to add a blade or cutter leaf at one side of the box so that you can cut the tape easily, every time you dispense it.