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Tips For Preventing Lift Breakdowns

Sky-rocketing buildings have become common in the present time and the only way to reach the top floors is to use the lifts. Though lifts have made life easy,they might also become trouble in case they breakdown due to any technical issue. It is thus essential to hire the lift maintenance contractors to ensure that the lifts are in good working condition and prevent any mishap.

Below discussed are some tips that companies should take into consideration.

Statutory Checks

There must be professional appointed by the owner to completely deal with the lift issues and perform a statutory inspection periodically. The passenger lift should be accessed every six months while the goods lift should be inspected within twelve months from the last check.

On-site functional Tests

This activity can be a shield to avoiding lift-concerned issues and accidents. It comprises of doing a daily check of the functionalities of the lift.It includes factors like emergency communications, door functioning, lightings, thresholds and leveling, unidentified noises, the health of the belts, fire systems, alarms, and ventilations. These all and other related aspects should be checked for full functionality before the commencement of daily operations.

Keep a check on the doors

The part of the lift that is most used is the door. It opens and closes every time the lift stops. Thus, they tend to undergo the most wear and tear. Thus, door operators need to be checked at regular time intervals. Also, they can be easily replaced and will not affect the functioning of the lift for a long time.