Avoid The Loopholes Of Timber Frame Design For Your House

Timber houses are not the things of much past. In most part of the year, people prefer to live in the timber houses rather than living in the masonry constructed house. These types of houses are stylish and comfortable to live, but there is a contact risk of rotting of the timber, burning or infestation of the termites. So, there is a need to be a little bit careful while getting the timber frame houses. If you are planning to get your house constructed by timber then you should keep certain things in mind to make it a strong and durable construction for your living.

timber house

Use of good quality timber

Quality of timber is the foundation of timber framed houses. So, it is very important to keep a quality check on the timber for constructing your house. Timber should be light in weight, thinner and strong. It increases the durability and strength of the timber house. There are some trees like Deodar, Oak, bamboo etc. that are known as the timber trees.

Get the right floor plan

Floor plan is an important part of timber house construction. You are needed to hire the services of the professionals for getting the plan prepared.  While preparing the plan, make sure that there are no single functional rooms. It helps in creating more space for living.  There should be a sufficient storage area in the house. Foundation of the house should be very strong to prevent the timber frame from collapsing in the heavy rainfall and hurricane like weather conditions.

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