Window Blind Materials Types

Window blinds are the most popular, beautiful and functional treatment for your uncovered windows that offer privacy along with protecting you from ultraviolet rays. In addition, it also provides a royal look to your old fashioned home. So, if you are also thinking to install such blinds then you can find plenty of styles in different fabric in the market of Surrey. Some are made of wood while some are made of metals like aluminum and may more. Moreover, such blinds can also be installed in offices and other commercial places in order to provide privacy rather than hanging curtains to the door and windows.

Types of materials used for making blinds

Wooden blinds:

Constructed with durable wood such blinds are chic and stylish that perfectly add a finishing touch to your room. From bedrooms to living rooms, it can be installed in any part of the house without any problem. The best thing about such blinds is that it can be found in multiple shades and patterns according to the room color and style. Moreover, if you are thinking for customized blind fitting in Surrey then you can place a custom order with the manufacturer.

Metal blinds:

These metal blinds are a perfect option for contemporary houses, offices as well as commercial places. These are usually made of light weight metals and are corrosion resistance that can last long up to 8 to 10years if properly maintained. In addition,such blinds can also be used on the doors made of transparent material for enhancing the privacy.